PANKO silverfish trap

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Lepisma Saccharina, commonly known as silverfish

Oblong, wingless insects with slightly flat body, brown or light brown in colour, covered in silver scale and tiny hair. They have three long cerci at the tips of their abdomens. They also have two small, wide-set compound eyes. Silverfish can run very fast and crawl into the tiniest crevices. They are sensitive to strong UV light, trembles and acoustic signals but do not react to red light.

Their natural habitat varies from plants or their remains to rock cracks and birdsí nests. They are omnivorous and feed on dead organic matter. They are commonly found in warm and damp corners of our apartments. They are bothersome librarianís pests. Despite their delicate oral apparatus they can effectively scrape layers of paper off any book, leaving book collections seriously damaged beyond repair.

* source: Insects by George C. McGAVIN

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